Quick start guide

The quickest way to get started with Preside is to take it for a spin with our CommandBox commands. These commands give you the ability to:

  • Create a new skeleton Preside application from the commandline
  • Spin up an ad-hoc Preside server on your local dev machine that runs the Preside application in the current directory

Install commandbox and Preside Commands

Before starting, you will need CommandBox installed. Head to https://www.ortussolutions.com/products/commandbox for instructions on how to do so. You will need at least version 3.0.0.

Once you have CommandBox up and running, you'll need to issue the following command to install our Preside specific commands:

CommandBox> install --force preside-commands


Create a new site

From within the CommandBox shell, CD into an empty directory in which you would like to create the new site and type:

CommandBox> preside new site

Follow any prompts that you receive.

Start a server

From the webroot of your Preside site, enter the following command:

CommandBox> preside start

If it is the first time starting, you will be prompted to download Preside and also to enter your database information, you will need an empty MySQL database already setup.

Once started, a browser should open and you should be presented with your homepage. To navigate to the administrator, browse to /{site_id}_admin/, where site id is the ID of the site you entered when creating the new site from the instructions above.


The admin path setting is editable in your site's /application/config/Config.cfc file.