Working with spreadsheets

As of v10.5.0, Preside comes with a built in spreadsheet library. Lucee itself does not have any out-of-box <cfspreadsheet functionality so traditionally an extension will be installed to provide compatibility. However, to avoid dependencies on server extension installs, we decided to include a library that would be available as part of the software.

The library we have used is Spreadsheet CFML by Julian Halliwell (cfsimplicity).

Full documentation can be found at the links above, however, a quick start example follows:

// sometesthandler.cfc
component {

    // Preside makes the library available as 'spreadsheetLib'
    // that can be injected with wirebox
    property name="spreadsheetLib" inject="spreadsheetLib";

    function index() {
        var workbook    =;
        var data        = QueryNew( "First,Last", "VarChar,VarChar", [
              [ "Susi"  , "Sorglos"  ]
            , [ "Frumpo", "McNugget" ]
        ] );

        spreadSheetLib.addRows( workbook, data ); workbook, "testfile.xls" );