i18n (Internationalization)

The term i18n comes from the desire not to write down the rather long word, internationalization, which starts with an i followed by 18 other letters before ending with an n - i18n. The subject of i18n deals with making your content and/or interface usable across nations, dialects and cultures. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Translated labels and other content
  • Formatting of numbers
  • Formatting of dates

The Preside admin interface provides a translation system to allow you to define the system's labels and descriptions in a standard way that allows translation. Date and number formatting is a work in progress.


This is a work in progress and requires further work. Checkout the About the docs page if you're keen on contributing.

In .properties file you need to escape special characters to Unicode-Entities. Here are the most common ones:

Unicode - Escapes Character
\u00A1 ¡
\u00A2 ¢
\u00A3 £
\u00A4 ¤
\u00A5 ¥
\u00A6 ¦
\u00A7 §
\u00A8 ¨
\u00A9 ©
\u00AA ª
\u00AB «
\u00AC ¬
\u00AD ­
\u00AE ®
\u00AF ¯
\u00B0 °
\u00B1 ±
\u00B2 ²
\u00B3 ³
\u00B4 ´
\u00B5 µ
\u00B7 ·
\u00B8 ¸
\u00B9 ¹
\u00BA º
\u00BB »
\u00BC ¼
\u00BD ½
\u00BE ¾
\u00BF ¿
\u00C0 À
\u00C1 Á
\u00C2 Â
\u00C3 Ã
\u00C4 Ä
\u00C5 Å
\u00C6 Æ
\u00C7 Ç
\u00C8 È
\u00C9 É
\u00CA Ê
\u00CB Ë
\u00CC Ì
\u00CD Í
\u00CE Î
\u00CF Ï
\u00D0 Ð
\u00D1 Ñ
\u00D2 Ò
\u00D3 Ó
\u00D4 Ô
\u00D5 Õ
\u00D6 Ö
\u00D7 ×
\u00D8 Ø
\u00D9 Ù
\u00DA Ú
\u00DB Û
\u00DC Ü
\u00DD Ý
\u00DE Þ
\u00DF ß
\u00E0 à
\u00E1 á
\u00E2 â
\u00E3 ã
\u00E4 ä
\u00E5 å
\u00E6 æ
\u00E7 ç
\u00E8 è
\u00E9 é
\u00EA ê
\u00EB ë
\u00EC ì
\u00ED í
\u00EE î
\u00EF ï
\u00F0 ð
\u00F1 ñ
\u00F2 ò
\u00F3 ó
\u00F4 ô
\u00F5 õ
\u00F6 ö
\u00F7 ÷
\u00F8 ø
\u00F9 ù
\u00FA ú
\u00FB û
\u00FC ü
\u00FD ý
\u00FE þ
\u00FF ÿ