Configuring the developer console key

Keyboard layouts vary. The default key code that is used to toggle the developer console is 96 which on a UK keyboard layout maps to the backtick key (`).

In order to accomodate different layouts, Preside allows you to configure the keycode that will trigger the Preside developer console to be toggled. In your application's Config.cfc, add the following entry:

component extends="preside.system.config.Config" {

	public void function configure() {

		// ...

		settings.devConsoleToggleKeyCode = 96; // replace 96 with the keycode you wish to use

		// ...


Finding out your desired keycode

The keycode we need is the one that is fired by JavaScript on the onKeyPress event, and the one that is mapped to the event.which variable.

One quick method to get the correct keycode, is to visit the following web page that has a javascript based form that displays keycodes of the keys you press:

See the relevant section from which to extract the keycode, below:

Screenshot showing use of the keycode test tool