Record cloning


In Preside 10.10.0, we introduced APIs and foundations for Preside object record cloning as well as concrete implementations in the Data Manager, Email Centre and Site tree. This guide provides information on getting the most out of the cloning system and how to configure your objects.

Making my object cloneable, or not

By default, the system attempts to calculate whether or not an object is cloneable by seeing if it has any cloneable properties (see below). If you want to explicitly define whether or not your object is cloneable, however, you can do so with the @cloneable annotation on the component. For example:

 * @cloneable false
component {
	// ...

Making properties cloneable, or not

You can explicitly mark a property as being "cloneable" by using the cloneable annotation on the property, setting to either true or false:

property name="my_prop" cloneable=true // ...

By default, however, the system uses the following rules to decide whether or not your property will be cloneable.

Rules for properties that can never be cloned

  • The property is either the id, datemodified or datecreated field
  • The property is a formula field (these will never be cloneable)

Rules for properties that are not cloneable by default

  • The property is part of a unique index
  • The property is a one-to-many relationship

Rules for properties that are cloneable by default

All properties that do not match the criteria, above, are cloneable by default.

Supplying alternative logic for cloning

You can use the @cloneHandler annotation on your Preside object component to specify a private Coldbox handler action that will be run to clone a record. This handler will be passed the following arguments:

  • objectName Name of object whose record is to be cloned
  • recordId ID of record to be cloned
  • data Additional data that should be included in the new record

Other customizations

See the "Cloning" customizations in the Customizing Data Manager page.

Using the API directly

See PresideObjectCloningService.