Upgrade notes for 10.13 -> 10.14

The 10.14.0 release is focused around performance and admin security. A change to how we implement renderView(), may cause unexpected bugs with variables not found. In addition, the request.http.body variable is no longer set on every request. See details below.

renderView() changes

We have early adopted changes from Coldbox 6 renderView() that means that view renders are better encapsulated. What this means is that local variables set in a view, are only available to that view and do not "escape".

You may have in your code some accidental misuse of a previous behaviour that was undesirable. In this case, you may receive "variable not found" errors. The below code samples illustrate the problem:

// /views/view_a.cfm
   unscopedVariable = "Exists";

<cfoutput>#renderView( "view_b" )#</cfoutput>
// /views/view_b.cfm
<cfoutput>#( unscopedVariable ?: "Should not exist" )#</cfoutput>

In Preside 10.13 and below, the output would be "Exists". In 10.14, the output will be "Should not exist".

request.http.body changes

Preside used to set request.http.body on every request. This variable was used in the request context method: event.getHttpContent(). The variable is no longer set (see PRESIDECMS-2017). Any custom code that is attempting to use request.http.body directly should be refactored to use event.getHttpContent().