Upgrade notes for 10.13 -> 10.14

The 10.14.0 release is focused around performance and admin security. A change to how we implement renderView(), may cause unexpected bugs with variables not found. See details below.

renderView() changes

We have early adopted changes from Coldbox 6 renderView() that means that view renders are better encapsulated. What this means is that local variables set in a view, are only available to that view and do not "escape".

You may have in your code some accidental misuse of a previous behaviour that was undesirable. In this case, you may receive "variable not found" errors. The below code samples illustrate the problem:

// /views/view_a.cfm
   unscopedVariable = "Exists";

<cfoutput>#renderView( "view_b" )#</cfoutput>
// /views/view_b.cfm
<cfoutput>#( unscopedVariable ?: "Should not exist" )#</cfoutput>

In Preside 10.13 and below, the output would be "Exists". In 10.14, the output will be "Should not exist".