Upgrade notes for 10.12 -> 10.13

The 10.13.0 release introduces a swathe of new features for users and developers. As always, we have made a conscious effort to reduce any the need for any breaking changes and we are very happy to report that there are no compatibility issues that we are aware of with this release.

The notes below are for finessing integration with the new Form builder data model for those that have custom item types.

Form builder data model v2

The 10.13 release adds a new data model for form builder that offers a shared global library of questions and normalized data storage of answers.

This feature must be enabled with settings.features.formbuilder2.enabled=true and will work out of the box once enabled.

However, if you have custom form builder item types, you may want to implement v2 features to ensure that they are stored optimally in the database and will work well with the new system. See: