Form control: One-to-many select

The oneToManySelect control is a variation of the Object picker that allows you to select all the related records that should "belong" to the current record (the record that you are in the process of creating / editing).

For example, you may have a user group relationship where a user can belong to zero or one group. In the group object, you could define a users property with a one-to-many relationship and have it use the oneToManySelect form control. When creating or editing a group, you can then define directly which users belong to the group.


This control has no custom arguments.


// /preside-objects/user.cfc
property name="group" relationship="many-to-one" relatedTo="group";
// /preside-objects/group.cfc
property name="users" relationship="one-to-many" relatedTo="user" relationshipKey="group";
<!-- /forms/preside-objects/group/admin.edit.xml -->
<!-- /forms/preside-objects/group/admin.add.xml -->
<!-- ... -->
<field binding="group.users" control="oneToManySelect" />