public binary function resize(
      required binary  asset              
    ,          numeric width               = 0
    ,          numeric height              = 0
    ,          string  quality             = "highPerformance"
    ,          boolean maintainAspectRatio = false
    ,          string  focalPoint          = ""
    ,          struct  cropHintArea       

Resizes an native image


assetbinaryYesBinary of the native image to resize
widthnumericNo (default=0)New width, in pixels
heightnumericNo (default=0)New height, in pixels
qualitystringNo (default="highPerformance")Resize algorithm quality. Options are: highestQuality, highQuality, mediumQuality, highestPerformance, highPerformance and mediumPerformance
maintainAspectRatiobooleanNo (default=false)Whether or not maintain the aspect ratio of the native image (if true, an autocrop may be applied if the aspect ratio of the resize differs from the source native image)
focalPointstringNo (default="")Comma-separated list (x,y) defining coordinates of the image's focal point. When cropped, this point will be kept as close as possible to the centre of the resulting image.
cropHintAreastructNoStruct (x,y,width,height) defining a crop hint area of the image. Image will be cropped to this area before resizing.