public binary function pdfPreview(
      required binary asset      
    ,          string scale      
    ,          string resolution 
    ,          string format     
    ,          string pages      
    ,          string transparent

Generates an native image from the first page of the provided PDF binary


assetbinaryYesBinary of the PDF
scalestringNoSize of the thumbnail relative to the source page. The value represents a percentage from 1 through 100.
resolutionstringNoNative Image quality used to generate thumbnail native images
formatstringNoFile type of thumbnail native image output
pagesstringNoPage or pages in the source PDF document on which to perform the action. You can specify multiple pages and page ranges as follows: "1,6-9,56-89,100, 110-120".
transparentstringNo(format="png" only) Specifies whether the native image background is transparent or opaque