Data Manager customization: Multi-action button definitions

Data Manager customization: Multi-action button definitions

The record listing screen allows you modify the action button set that appear beneath the listing table when a user selects one or more records in the table. See:

These modififications expect to either return an array of structs and/or strings, or are passed this array of structs/strings for modification / appending to.


Each "action" struct can/must have the following keys:

  • name (required): The name of the action
  • label (required): Label to show on the button
  • class (optional): Twitter bootstrap button class for the button. e.g. btn-info, btn-warning, btn-success, btn-danger, etc.
  • iconClass (optional): Font awesome icon class to use. Icon will be displayed before the label on the button.
  • globalKey (optional): Global keyboard key shortcut for the button.


Note: alternatively, a button in the array can be a fully rendered string representing the button (should you require something a bit different)


      name      = "share"
    , class     = "btn-info"
    , label     = translateResource( "" )
    , iconClass = "fa-share"
    , globalKey = "s"