Data Manager customization: isOperationAllowed

Data Manager customization: isOperationAllowed

Similar to the checkPermission customization, the isOperationAllowed customization allows you to completely override the core Data Manager logic for determining whether the given operation is allowed for the object.

It is expected to return a boolean value and is given the following in the args struct:

  • objectName: The name of the object
  • operation: The operation to check. Core operations are: add, arguments, delete, edit and read

For example:

// /application/handlers/admin/datamanager/blog.cfc

component {

	private boolean function isOperationAllowed( event, rc, prc, args={} ) {
		var operation = args.operation ?: "";

		return operation != "delete";



For core operations, you are also able to achieve similar results by setting @dataManagerAllowedOperations on your preside object. See Data Manager Basics for documentation.