Data Manager customization: extraRecordActionsForGridListing

Data Manager customization: extraRecordActionsForGridListing

The extraRecordActionsForGridListing allows you to add actions to the object's record listing rows, or modify the existing actions. It is not expected to return a value and is passed the following in the args struct:

  • objectName: Name of the object.
  • record: Struct representing the record for the current row.
  • actions: Array containing the already calculated actions for the row. Modify this array to add/remove/edit the actions as per your requirements.

Each "action" in the args.actions array is a struct with the following possible keys:

  • link: Link for the action
  • icon: Font awesome icon class for the action, e.g. fa-pencil
  • class: Additional css classes for the action
  • contextKey: Optional keyboard shortcut that will activate the action when the row is in focus
  • title: Optional title that will be used in the title attribute of the link
  • target: Link target, e.g. "_blank" to open in a new tab

For example:

// /application/handlers/admin/datamanager/blog_post.cfc

component {

	private void function extraRecordActionsForGridListing( event, rc, prc, args={} ) {
		var objectName = args.objectName ?: "";
		var record     = args.record     ?: {};
		var recordId   =       ?: "";

		args.actions = args.actions ?: [];
		args.actions.append( {
			  link       = event.buildAdminLink( objectName=objectName, operation="download", recordid=recordId )
			, icon       = "fa-download"
			, contextKey = "d"
			, target     = "_blank"
		} );



If you need to complete make a new set of actions and disregard the core defaults, you should use Data Manager customization: getRecordActionsForGridListing or Data Manager customization: getActionsForGridListing.