Upgrade notes for 10.10 -> 10.11

Lucee version

Bugs in earlier versions of Lucee 5 mean that Preside 10.11 may refuse to start. The earliest known Lucee 5 version to work with Preside is Lucee However, we recommend running at least We no longer recommend running Lucee 4.5.


A new mapping was added to 10.11.0, /cfconcurrent. Unfortunately, this mapping actually already existed but pointed to an empty directory. This may cause the need for a Lucee restart after upgrading from a previous version.

If you see the error, invalid component definition, can't find component [cfconcurrent.ExecutorService], you will need to restart Lucee.

Asset file names

In 10.11.0, we introduced a feature to save assets and derivatives using a configured file name. By default this is set as $slugify( title ) when the asset is uploaded. Content editors are able to edit this file name in the admin and this results in a file name change.

Existing assets are not automatically renamed when upgrading. If you want to automate this, you will need to provide a script that renames each asset that is not already renamed. This script should use the code below to ensure files are renamed and moved in the process:

assetManagerService.editAsset( id=asset.id, data={ file_name=myGeneratedFileName } );

Asset queue

10.11.0 introduced the concept of the Asset processing queue however it is disabled by default. We highly encourage you to enable it and test as early as possible. See the full guide: Enabling the asset processing queue.

Cache configurations

Several changes were made to caching in Preside. Key headlines that you should be aware of:

  1. Full page cache, presidePageCache changed from a memory storage to disk storage that saves to the Lucee tmp directory by default
  2. Several caches were removed entirely due to not really being caches
  3. A configuration option was added to allow preside objects to each have their own query cache. This is disabled by default and we recommend turning it on and configuring. See: Cache per object.

We recommend reviewing /preside/system/config/Cachebox.cfc against your own /application/config/Cachebox.cfc to check for any issues that might arise from the changes.