Upgrade notes for 10.9 -> 10.10

Coldbox upgrade

The 10.10 release upgrades Coldbox from 4 to 5.2, so please the Coldbox upgrade notes for any issues that might affect your application. That said, we have not come across issues with the applications that we have upgraded so far.

Taskmanager overhaul

The way in which the Preside task manager schedules tasks has been completely overhauled. It no longer relies on the Lucee task scheduler to repeatedly check for tasks to run. Instead, the platform spawns a long lived "heartbeat" background thread to check every second for tasks to run.

The changes mean:

  • You can schedule tasks to run as much as every second (previous limitation was 30s, but practically 1m)
  • Thread dumps will be much more revealing. Instead of seeing lots of threads named cfthread-49 etc, you will see meaninfully named threads, including that task name that is running
  • The scheduled task in Lucee will no longer be used - you could/should delete it with the Lucee administrator (or directly in Lucee's xml web context file)

Email center logging

There has been a minor change to email center logging that requires a data migration. Your first reload of your application may therefor take some time, especially if you have a large number of records in your psys_email_template_send_log table.

Multi threaded email sending

There has been a change to the way we queue and send mass emails in the email center. There is no longer a task in the Preside task manager and you are now able to configure how many background threads will be dedicated to sending out emails from the queue (the default is 1). To configure more threads, use the following in your Config.cfc file:

settings.email.queueConcurrency = 8; // or whatever