Sitetree page type: Homepage: edit form

This form is used when editing pages in the site tree manager whose page type is "homepage". It gets mixed in with the Sitetree Page: edit form and its purpose is to remove a number of unwanted fields and tabs from the default form.


There is no 'add' form for the homepage page type because there can only be and must always be a single homepage in a given site (subject to change).

File path/forms/page-types/homepage/edit.xml
Form IDpage-types.homepage.edit
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<form feature="sitetree">
    <tab id="main">
        <fieldset id="main">
            <field name="parent_page" deleted="true" />
            <field name="active"      deleted="true" />
            <field name="slug"        deleted="true" />
            <field name="layout"      deleted="true" />

    <tab id="dates" deleted="true" />