Sitetree Page: clone form

This form is used as the base "clone page" form for Sitetree pages. See also Sitetree Page: edit form.


When a clone page form is rendered, it gets mixed in with any forms that are defined for the page type of the given page.

File path/forms/preside-objects/page/clone.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<form i18nBaseUri="">
    <tab id="clone" sortorder="10">
        <fieldset id="clonebasic" sortorder="10">
            <field sortorder="10" binding=""        control="objectPicker"     required="true" object="site" objectFilters="nonDeletedSites" />
            <field sortorder="20" binding="page.parent_page" control="parentPagePicker" required="true" filterby="site" />
            <field sortorder="30" binding="page.title" />
            <field sortorder="40" binding="page.slug" control="autoslug" basedOn="title" required="true" />
        <fieldset id="cloneoptions" sortorder="10">
            <field sortorder="10" name="clone_include_children" control="yesnoswitch" />
            <field sortorder="20" name="clone_save_as_draft"    control="yesnoswitch" default="1" />