Asset: add through picker form

This form is used as the add asset form when a user is uploading assets through the asset picker. The form will be shown once for each file that has been uploaded.

File path/forms/preside-objects/asset/picker.add.xml
Form IDpreside-objects.asset.picker.add
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <tab id="main" sortorder="10">
        <fieldset id="main" sortorder="10">
            <field sortorder="10" binding="asset.title" />
            <field sortorder="20" binding="asset.asset_folder" name="folder" control="assetFolderPicker" />
            <field sortorder="30" binding="" control="textinput" />
            <field sortorder="40" binding="asset.description" control="textarea" />