Form control: Read only

The readonly form control will output any saved data without rendering any form controls. This can be useful for edit forms where you would like to show the content of a field that cannot be edited.

If the object property being rendered is a date or datetime, the control will automatically use the appropriate core renderer to display the data. Alternatively, you can specify a custom renderer to use.


renderer (optional) The name of the content renderer to use to format the data on screen.
rendererContext (optional) The renderer context to use to render the data - for example, in admin screens you may wish to use the `admin` context. Default is "readonly" (which will fall back to "default" if the readonly contet is not defined).


<field binding="my_protected_object.title"               control="readonly"   />
<field binding=""                control="readonly"   renderer="custom_date_renderer" rendererContext="admin" />
<field binding="my_protected_object.website_description" control="richeditor" />