Form control: Date picker

The datePicker control allows users to choose a date from a calendar popup.


minDate (optional) Minimum date allowed to be selected
maxDate (optional) Maximum date allowed to be selected
relativeToField (optional) Related Date Picker field
relativeOperator (optional) Operator to be used when comparing related Date Picker field. Valid Operators are: lt, lte, gt, gte


Work is in progress to allow relative date restrictions.


<field name="start_date" control="datepicker" minDate="2016-01-01" />

Example with related datepicker field options

<field name="start_date" control="datepicker" relativeToField="end_date" relativeOperator="lte"/>
<field name="end_date" control="datepicker" relativeToField="start_date" relativeOperator="gte"/>

Screenshot of a date picker