public boolean function login(
      required string  loginId             
    ,          string  password             = ""
    ,          boolean rememberLogin        = false
    ,          any     rememberExpiryInDays = 90
    ,          boolean skipPasswordCheck    = false

Logs the user in by matching the passed login id against either the login id or email address fields and running a bcrypt password check to verify the security credentials. Returns true on success, false otherwise.


loginIdstringYesEither the login id or email address of the user to login
passwordstringNo (default="")The password that the user has entered during login
rememberLoginbooleanNo (default=false)Whether or not to set a "remember me" cookie
rememberExpiryInDaysanyNo (default=90)When setting a remember me cookie, how long (in days) before the cookie should expire
skipPasswordCheckbooleanNo (default=false)