public struct function prepareParameters(
      required string template      
    , required string recipientType 
    , required string recipientId   
    , required struct args          
    ,          struct templateDetail
    ,          array  styles        
    ,          array  detectedParams

Prepares params (for use in replacing tokens in subject and body) for the given email template, recipient type and sending args.


templatestringYesID of the template of the email that is being prepared
recipientTypestringYesID of the recipient type of the email that is being prepared
recipientIdstringYesID of the recipient
argsstructYesStructure of variables that are being used to send / prepare the email
templateDetailstructNoStructure the template record
stylesarrayNoUsed to do style inlining in any prepared html when feature enabled
detectedParamsarrayNoParameters detected in the content that are required to be swapped out