public void function log(
      required string userId  
    , required string action  
    , required string type    
    ,          string recordId = ""
    ,          any    detail  

Inserts a log entry into the system's audit log. You are most likely to want to use either $audit() or event.audit() to proxy to this method (see Using the audit trail system for more details).


userIdstringYesID of the admin user who performed the action
actionstringYesKey of the action performed, e.g. datamanager_edit_record
typestringYesType of action performed, used for grouping audit logs, e.g. datamanager
recordIdstringNo (default="")ID of the entity that was acted upon. For example, the ID of a record that was edited
detailanyNoA struct containing data that will be useful when rendering the audit log entry. For example, a list of fields that were changed in an edit process