Documentation structure

All of the source files for this documentation can be found in the /docs folder of the public repository; i.e.

The content is organised by a very simple system of folders and markdown files.


Folders containing a single markdown file represent a page of documentation. Subfolders are used to place pages beneath other pages to form a documentation tree.

Special folder naming rules:

  • Folders whose name begin with a number followed by a period are treated as pages that will appear in main navigation - the number indicating the relative order in which the page should appear

  • Folders and markdown files whose names begin with an underscore, _, are ignored by the tree system and may be used by particular page types to provide more structured content

Page types

Page types are indicated by the name of the markdown file within the page's folder.

For example, if we are creating a function reference page, you would expect the following folder and file structure:


The various build systems can use the page types to format the output in different ways.

Page IDs

Page IDs are used for cross referencing and are specified in the page's markdown file using YAML front matter. e.g.

id: function-abs
title: Abs()


The name of the folder, without any preceding order number, will be used when an ID is not supplied in the markdown file's YAML front matter. See Preside-flavoured Markdown for a full guide to cross referencing and YAML front matter.