Using Preside data objects with form definitions

Using Preside data objects with form definitions

Field bindings

The binding attribute on field definitions allows you to pull in attributes and i18n defaults from preside object properties:

<field binding="page.title" />

In the example above, the field's definition will be taken from the title property of the page object (CFC file). A default form control will be assigned to the field based on the property type and other attributes. The title, help and placeholder will be defaulted to, and

Default forms

If you attempt to make use of a form that does not have an XML definition and whose name starts with "preside-objects.name_of_object.", a default form will be returned based on the preside object CFC file (in this case, "name_of_object").

For example, if there is no /forms/preside-objects/blog_category/admin.add.xml file defined and we do something like the call below, an automatic form definition will be used based on the blog_category preside object:

renderForm( ... formName="preside-objects.blog_category.admin.add", ... );

A notable use of this convention is in the Data Manager where you can create simple object definitions and just use their default form for adding and editing records.