Data Manager customization: renderRecord

Data Manager customization: renderRecord

The renderRecord customization allows you to completely override the rendering of a single record for your object. Permissions checking, crumbtrails and page titles will all be taken care of; but the rest is up to you.

The action is expected to return the rendered HTML of the record as a string and is provided the following in the args struct:

  • objectName: The object name
  • recordId: ID of the record
  • version: Version number of the record (if the object is versioned)


You can also make use of variables in the prc scope, such as prc.record, that will allow you to potentially not duplicate calls to the database.

For example:

// /application/handlers/admin/datamanager/blog.cfc

component {

	private string function renderRecord() { = prc.record ?: QueryNew(''); // Data Manager will have already fetched the record for you. Check out the prc scope for other commonly fetched goodies that you can make use of

		return renderView( view="/admin/blogs/customRecordView", args=args );