Data Manager customization: getListingBatchActions

Data Manager customization: getListingBatchActions

The getListingBatchActions customization allows you to prepare the array of buttons that gets rendered as part of the listing screen (displayed when a user selects rows from the grid). The element should at least contain a label, iconClass and name (most important and must be unique), along with a public function named {name}BatchAction.

For example:

// /application/handlers/admin/datamanager/GlobalDefaults.cfc
component {

    private array function getListingBatchActions( event, rc, prc, args={} ) {
        return [{
              label     = "Archive selected entities"
            , iconClass = "fa-trash-o"
            , name      = "archiveEntity"

    private array function multiRecordAction( event, rc, prc, args={} ) {
        // ...
        if ( args.action == "archiveEntity" ) {
            // ... your logic here


See Data Manager customization: multiRecordAction for a full guide to implementing batch record actions.