Customizing the delete record prompt and match text


As of 10.16.0, you are able to configure objects to use a "match" text in the delete prompt. You can configure both application-wide default behaviour, and object-level overrides for the default.

Screenshot of a delete record prompt

Configuring application defaults

Enabling/disabling the match text

There are two Config.cfc settings that control whether or not match text must be input:

// default values supplied by Preside
settings.dataManager.defaults.typeToConfirmDelete      = false;
settings.dataManager.defaults.typeToConfirmBatchDelete = true;

So by default, we will prompt to enter a matching text when batch deleting records, but not while deleting single records. Update the settings above to change this behaviour.

Customizing the global match text

Two i18n entries are used for the match text. To change them, supply your own application/extension overrides of the properties:

# /i18n/

Per object customisation

Enabling/disabling the match text

To have an object use a non-default behaviour, annotate the object cfc file with the datamanagerTypeToConfirmDelete and/or datamanagerTypeToConfirmBatchDelete flags:

 * @datamanagerTypeToConfirmDelete      true
 * @datamanagerTypeToConfirmBatchDelete true
component {
	// ...

Customizing per-object match text

You have two approaches available here, static i18n match text and dynamically generated text for single record deletes.

Static i18n

In your object's .properties file (i.e. /i18n/preside-objects/my_object.propertes), implement the property keys delete.record.match and/or batch.delete.records.match. i.e.

# ...

batch.delete.records.match=DO IT

Dynamic match text for single record deletes

To create dynamic match text per record, use the datamanager customisation: getRecordDeletionPromptMatch (see guide for more details).